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Mass Air Flow Sensors : Tested to OE Performance Specification

Slot in Type MAFS

The Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) is located in the intake air stream and measures the mass of air entering the engine. The hot wire component of the MAF cools when air mass flows past. The electronic circuit component measures this change in temperature and converts it to a voltage or frequency signal. This signal is sent to the engine control unit to determine how much fuel to deliver to the engine so the vehicle can maintain optimal performance. Hitachi’s MAF accurately controls the engine’s air/fuel ratio for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.



·       High Quality Components – Provide for enhanced durability

·    Calibrated for each application – Assists engine efficiency and fuel mileage

·    100% Air flow tested – Ensures ideal performance



·    Hot-wire type

·    Bore Sizes 45-90 mm

·    Voltage and frequency type output


Signs to Service:

·    Engine stalls while decelerating to stop vehicle

·    Engine speed becomes low while decelerating when turning

·    Low idling speed or inconsistent idling speed