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Automobile manufacturers around the world are coming under the increasing pressure to not only provide improved fuel economy, but also reduce harmful exhaust emissions. As a systems/subsystems designer and manufacturer, Hitachi has developed a number of systems using advanced electronic-sensing and control technology to accomplish these goals. Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas range of systems integrate hardware and software to provide greater fuel efficiency and to reduce emissions without sacrificing power, cost-effectiveness, or driving-performance of the vehicle.

Control Units
Electronic Throttle Control
Engine Control System
Transmission System

Drivetrain Products
Powertrains Products

Engine Management Systems
Direct Injection (DI) Engine system
Variable Valve Event and Lift Control system (VEL)
Multi-Point Injection (MPI) system conforming to emission control

Gasoline Direct Injection Injector
Gasoline Fuel Injector

Electric Vehicle Inverter
Top view of inverter for electric vehicle

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Traction Motor
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor for Engine Starting and Generator
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric Oil Pump Motor for CVT Transmission
Electric Motor and Inverter for Small Electric Vehicle

Mass Air Sensor
Gas Flow Sensor
Pressure Sensor

Other Components Products
Brake Systems
Components Parts/Assemblies for Automotive
Flapper Valve
Gear Products
Next Generation Electric Shifting Module

Plug Top Coil with Plug
Solenoid Valves
Suspension Products
Cast Aluminum Automotive Parts
Spark Ignition Direct Injection